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While using zovirax, you must avoid contact with people in public places.

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Information about Zovirax.

Serious side effects also can occurIf you have any of these side effectscall your doctor right awaySevere rashhivesor a rash that causes blisters and peeling Yellowing of skin or eyes Unusual bleeding or bruising Seizure Loss of consciousness Swelling of facelipsor tongue Difficulty breathing Decreased urine output or blood in the urine Extreme sleepiness or confusion Hallucinations Tinglingnumbnessor shakiness.

If you’re taking acyclovir to treat chicken pox or shinglesthe drug can reduce the severity of your infection.

Skipping doses or stopping too soon may not completely treat your infectionor it could make the infection harder to treat.

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denavir pencyclovir cream is an alternative to zovirax cream in the treatment of cold sores.

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